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Director Message

Hello and welcome to St. Joseph’s School. I hope that you will find the contents of this website as enthralling, exciting and invigorating as the reality of my daily experience as the Director of St. Joseph’s School. As I walk through the portals of this institution, I am captivated by the enthusiasm of students, the expertise of our staff and the uniqueness of what we as a school, offer our community. I hope you will have the same sense of joyful discovery as you navigate this site.


Principal Message

Today’s world, the internet has become a very useful tool to gain access to an ocean of information. It is an opportunity and privilege to be living in an era where the internet is easily accessible. Parents and educators should make the best use of resources available on the internet to support the educational development of their children.

In such scenario one needs to be abrest with this fast paced world ‘website’ is a necessary tool to be connected with the world and vice-versa. All the colourful happenings under the roof of St.Joseph’s be known to all and sundry who log on to On behalf of this website I earnestly hoped that all information and happenings of St. Joseph’s family are more actively and creatively connected to all my guardians past and present.